Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ICAPGen Announces New Testing Levels

The following is from ICAPGen.

ICAPGen is pleased to make the following announcement: ICAPGen now offers three testing levels, which recognize the achievements of applicants as they strive to attain the accreditation credential. This program allows applicants more time to prepare for the written exam and offers a choice as to when the exam is scheduled.

The accreditation requirements remain the same—a quality four-generation research report followed by an eight-hour written exam and an oral review. The new levels program segments the accreditation process into three distinct levels and allows an applicant more time to prepare for each level.

The three levels are:

  • Level 1—the four-generation application project
  • Level 2—four sections of the written exam that test knowledge of record content and usage
  • Level 3—two sections of the written exam that test skills in data analysis, research planning, methodology, and report writing, with the oral exam following.

This program will give applicants more flexibility and control of how they proceed through the accreditation process. It will begin with the first quarterly testing period of 2012. Current applicants may choose whether to remain in the former program or enter the new program.

For more information about the new program, please visit: http://www.icapgen.org/icapgen/overview .

Thank you for your continued support of ICAPGen!

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