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FamilySearch Consultant and Ward Council Newsletter

The following is from FamilySearch.

February 2012

News Headline

Records Released in 48 Days!
The 1940 Census is coming fast! This issue tells you what you need to know! Plus, you'll want to watch this tutorial to help you get started!


The push is on for the release of the 1940 Census and we need everyone's involvement to help index and arbitrate! To sign up for indexing visit www.familysearch.org/1940census. This is also a great opportunity for our youth (Young Women Personal Progress, Young Men Duty to God, Eagle Scout projects, and service hours). We promise a rewarding experience for all involved in this national service project! Look for posters, flyers, and pass-a-long cards that will be mailed soon to all family history centers to help you get others excited about joining in this effort, too!

Ward Councils

Last month we asked for Leadership Guide and DVD success stories. We've heard from many of you; keep up the great work! Here's just one story we wanted to share:
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Our stake presidency learned about the material To Turn the Hearts from the Area Seventy at their coordinating council meeting, and then asked me, the high councilor for family history, to attend a meeting with them to discuss family history in the stake. I showed the 2-minute trailer for To Turn the Hearts and after some discussion, the stake president enthusiastically asked that we brainstorm on how we should train the whole stake and ward leadership. It was proposed that the stake council, bishoprics, and high priest group leaders attend a special meeting to show the longer DVD version of To Turn the Hearts, have a member of the stake presidency counsel on how ward councils implement these principles, followed by a bishop reporting on how youth could use the example of an ancestor to illustrate a gospel principle in assigned talks, and the stake president would wrap up the meeting. The high priests group leaders would be assigned to teach the Relief Society and elders later in the wards. The stake president also asked me for a proposal to train family history consultants. The stake president was particularly interested in hearing that family history and indexing are wonderful tools for the youth--especially those who struggle with abuse of the Internet and video games. -S. B.
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Please send us your positive examples and ideas about successfully using the Leader's Guide to Temple and Family History Work and DVD in your stake and ward councils by clicking here.

RootsTech 2012

RootsTech was a huge success--record crowds, tons of positive feedback, and a great learning experience for all. If you made it, thanks for attending! If not, maybe we'll see you next year March 21-23, 2013--mark your calendars now. In addition, we'll be putting some great sessions and training materials from the conference online. Keep checking back to www.rootstech.org to see videos from the conference that we'll be periodically posting online. And checkout some videos from the event that we've put online atwww.youtube.com/familysearch

Arbitrators Urgently Needed

FamilySearch indexing is in need of additional arbitrators. Experienced indexers should start transitioning to arbitration now. Stake indexing directors should join in the arbritration effort themselves and should train all new arbitrators. Directors, please consider adding at least 5 new arbitrators to your team including capable consultants. To find training and more about how to become an arbitrator, go to theIndexing Resource Guide.

For Youth

An excellent online family history resource for youth can be seen here. Whenever you can, encourage the youth in your stake and wards to visit this site, share their testimonies, and learn about and feel the Spirit of Elijah. Here is one story they will find online:

"I recently took four names to the temple that I found. I thought it was a really amazing experience. I'm so excited to do it again and again. I started to get that excitement as I found name after name. It really is a different experience in the temple when you find the names and bring them yourself." -Kyle B.

Fan Chart Success Story

"My husband and I cover the Wednesday evening shift at our stake family history center. Just two days ago during our shift, a member of the stake presidency brought 7 priests into the center so they could make their ownfan charts. They really enjoyed the learning experience and we were able to quickly determine which of their own family lines needed more research. Some expressed genuine surprise at the research which had already been done. All of the Young Men expressed a desire to do research on those lines which needed more work. Their goals were reached quickly, as each young man already had his own LDS Account and was primed to move forward in creating his own fan chart. It was a great 35-minutes for all of us! It passed too quickly, but hey, they had to leave so they could shoot some hoops in the cultural hall."

-Sandra L.

Click here to share your fan chart success story.

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