Friday, February 22, 2013

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Take one RV. One family tree. And seven people who are embarking on a journey across the country to learn more about the family story they discovered on They’ll travel to fascinating locales.

The Great-Great-Great-Grand Adventure:

The Brown family has started their 6-month family history journey across the United States. After overcoming health problems in the family and feeling the need to make a major change in their lives, Rob and Kathy Brown packed up their children, sold their house and are set off for an experience of a lifetime. This trek will take them through 40 states and create countless memories.

Who are the Browns?

Rob and Kathy have lived in Orem, UT for the last ten and a half years. All of their children were raised in their Orem home and Utah is all they’ve ever known. For the past two years, Kathy has homeschooled their children and she now wants to take the family learning to the next level.

“I’m most looking forward to the opportunity to focus on our family – past and present - without the distractions of everyday life,” said Kathy.  “Plus, a motorhome is a far more compact space to keep clean.”
What do they hope to learn?

“This is an opportunity to help our children make a connection between their ancestors and the family’s rich American story,” said Kathy about the trip. “We’ve only ever talked about America’s rich history, but now they will be able to experience it firsthand.”

“It’s the perfect time to do this. Our children are young enough that they are not involved in a lot of extracurricular activities which would hold us back, but they are old enough to remember and learn.” said Rob referring to their five children Audrey (10), Sophie (7), Harvey (5), George (3) and Sam (18 months).

How is involved?

The mission at is to help everyone discover, preserve and share their family history. The Browns have taken this mission to heart as they planned their family history trip. They have offered to let document their journey so others can see the joy that is brought by researching their own family history.

How can I follow their Journey?

The family will be writing blogs, taking pictures and making videos to capture every exciting moment of the trip. You can follow their journey at

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