Friday, July 19, 2013

FamilySearch Indexing: Insider’s Update

The following is from FamilySearch.


FamilySearch Indexing Newsletter

I Once Was Lost but Now Am Found

Many of our fellow humans are grow, learn, love, and perhaps marry and have children and grandchildren, only to have the memory of their lives simply fade away after they die!

Doesn't every person deserve to be remembered? FamilySearch thinks they do, which is why we invest so much time, effort, and money to gather, preserve, and share the records of the past.
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FamilySearch Indexing

Be the Buzz, Share the Buzz

With many hands working together, we can continue to make a difference. Together, we will make history-one batch at a time
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Indexing Tip

Accents: Not Just Punctuation

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Arbitration Tip

Thank You Arbitrators!

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FamilySearch Indexing Preferences

Personalize Your Experience, Update Your Preferences

Want to change your language preference? Learn how.
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FamilySearch U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Community Indexing Project

U.S. Immigration & Naturalization Community Project Milestone

With your help, this project could finish by the end of the year.
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Thank You

"What a wonderful work this is and I thank you for all you do so that people can find their family's stories."
- Jarom

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