Wednesday, July 17, 2013

RootsMagic New Update Fixes Recent "UnMatching" Problem Caused by FT API Update.

The following is from RootsMagic.

New Tools to Fix "Unmatching" Problems with FamilySearch Family Tree

This past weekend a number of users started reporting that people that they had matched to FamilySearch were "unmatching" automatically, and even worse were leaving those people in their file unable to be re-matched with FamilySearch.

If you encountered this issue, please read on.  If not, you can still do the following if you want (just in case).  No data was affected, it was simply the links between RootsMagic and FamilySearch, so there isn't a need to worry about data corruption.

We spent a lot of hours trying to track down what was happening, and have confirmation that FamilySearch has identified the issue with their last Family Tree API update causing the Matching/UnMatching issues inside of RootsMagic.  (Note: API means "Application Program Interface" and is just the code on the FamilySearch server that RootsMagic has to talk to).
FamilySearch has (for now) turned off their caching on the Family Tree API (which is where the bug was). With the caching turned off, it will stop "unmatching" people in RootsMagic.
This latest update (version will help you clean those records in your database affected by the FT API bug. Please make sure you update your program to the current version. 
If you experienced having anyone in your database "UnMatched" from the recent Family Tree API bug and you can not re-match them, then go to File>Database Tools and run the "Clean Phantom Records" option after installing the new update version  
If you had previously tried to rematch them after the FT API UnMatched them, you will discover that those matches are now re-established.  If you hadn't attempted to re-match them earlier you will need to go back now and match them again. 

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