Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting Started With Heritage Collector Webinar Series

The following is from Heritage Collectors.

Getting Started With Heritage Collector Webinars 
By Marlo E. Schuldt

New Webinar series will start Oct. 1st.

Go to the following links to view the dates and times of webinars. 

We've moved the day from Thursday to Wednesday so others could attend on a different day / evening.

Click Here to sign up for the Heritage Collector webinars.

Click here  to sign up for Storybook webinars.

We Continue to Add New Content and 'How To' Videos.

Visit the following places to get the latest news and tips from us.

YouTube 'How To' Videos - Click Here
FamilySearch - Click Here
Pinterest -  Click Here
Facebook - Click here

New Heritage Collector YouTube Channel - Click Here

Hope to see you at the next webinar!

Best Wishes,
Marlo E. Schuldt
LifeStory Productions, Inc.

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