Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Family History Calling Newsletter

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News you need to succeed-for priesthood leaders, consultants, and center directors.

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My Family Booklet: How to Be a Helper
Recently, FamilySearch launched a new My Family: Stories that Bring Us Together booklet. This booklet guides you through the process of capturing essential family information such as names, dates, and places.Read about what changes have taken place to make this easier for all helpers.

CEO Corner: 12 Millionth Source to Family Tree Challenge
Sometime before the end of 2013, the 12-millionth source will be added to FamilySearch. I'm excited to announce the launch of the "12-Millionth Source Challenge." So, we'll be watching closely to see who submits that milestone source. Learn how you can be a part of the excitement.

Major Migration Milestone Coming for
In the next step of a series of milestones to fully implement FamilySearch Family Tree on, is scheduled for read-only status at the end of this year. Learn more about this newest change.

Personal Arbitration Mentoring Program Launched
Are you a new or less-experienced arbitrator? Would you like to increase your confidence and the quality of your work? You can now receive personal arbitration mentoring! Learn more about what is available and how you can get involved.

Youth Consultants Coming to a Family History Center Near You
In response to Elder David A. Bednar's counsel given in his October 2011 General Conference talk, "The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn," many family history centers now have youth consultants called by stake and ward leaders. Centers are reporting that the youth are great assets to their staff and to their wards and stakes.

Photos and Stories: Changing Hearts with Online Photos
The Photos and Stories feature of Family Tree has become a wonderful way to connect with your family. How are families connecting with each other using Photos and Stories? Find out more.

New Media Library Launches
The LDS Media Library is an exciting new resource that has just launched to help members enhance their personal study, lesson preparation, and missionary work. It also has many valuable family history videos and other resources that can help you in your calling. Read more about what services the New Media Library provides, or go right to the Media Library.

Planning a Visit to a Member's Home
The consultant training website has five great tips on how family history consultants can make the most of their visits with members and help them to have a positive family history experience. Review the five tips for helping members.

FamilySearch Wiki Reaches an Important Milestone
FamilySearch has reached a significant milestone. Last week, the 75,000th article was published in the Research Wiki. The Wiki is a worldwide encyclopedia of genealogy knowledge at your fingertips.This is really big news!

A Big Benefit of Signing In to FamilySearch
In order to access the Family Tree option or Photos option from the FamilySearch home page, you need to sign in to FamilySearch.Learn more about what benefits you can enjoy when you sign in as a registered FamilySearch user.

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