Saturday, October 26, 2013

SLCC Genealogy Course: Post #10 - Gold Star Performance

I was so glad we didn't have a heavy assignment for the Salt Lake Community CollegeGenealogy Course this week. Little did I know that the cold medicine I was taking was going to cause me more harm than good. By Monday I started to have stress seizures.  Something I had not experiences in 3-4 years. The medicine I take for them had no effect, which was weird. I wasn't until I woke up Tuesday morning that it occurred to me that my cold medicine had a warning that it could cause nervousness, dizziness and sleeplessness. Well I had all three symptoms, plus my heart was racing and making me extremely tired. Thankfully I improved once I stopped taking the medicine. My doctor has now given me a long list of things I can't take, which seems to include anything worth-while for a cold.

The homework is due on Wednesday so I was grateful I had actually done most of it last week. We were working on sources and had to add a transcript, comment on the source and add the sources evidence quality. We didn't need to hand that in last week but I knew it would be asked for in a future class.  Yup, that's what we had to hand in this week.

There were some additional sources I had to go over on the list. Our reading and videos covered the FamilySearch Wiki and how to find resources in your localities. We touched on USGenWeb and finding sources by State, County and Towns. The other two sites were cemeteries - Find A Grave and . I was familiar with all of them so it wasn't hard for me to find things (again) and add them to my separate database created just for this class.

On the USGenWeb site for New York I found a lot of broken cemetery links for Washington and Warren counties where my family is from. I knew the cemeteries records were there so I Googled them and yup they were there. Looks like some redesigning is going on for the websites so I was glad there was a back door to still get to the cemetery record transcripts I wanted. There were new cemetery indexes being added and I was tickled to see more family members listed. I can't wait to sit down and explore all the new leads.

 The only problem I had this week with class was the RootsTech video we needed to watch "Researching Ancestors Online for Beginners" by Laura Prescott kept freezing. You could watch it for a minute or two then it would freeze, then crash, then you needed to start it over again. I endured it until I got to 14 minutes and I called it quits. I was both frustrated and sad with that happening. It seemed like an excellent presentation. Hopefully the RootsTech website is working better today because I plan on watching it this afternoon.

After a cold, seizures, and exhaustion I was able to create in RootsMagic a PDF of my Source List showing my detail text/transcription, analysis of the source in the comments area, and evidence quality, before our Wednesday night deadline. I think that is amazing so I'm giving myself a gold star!

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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