Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ISGS Genealogical Name Tag - I Want One!!!

The following is from Beth Foulk on Google+.  Let me just say I am a nut over pins.  I just had to buy this one. My biggest dilemma was to use my married name or maiden name. I finally settled on married name since this is a name tag after all. Anyone can see what my maiden name was by looking at my father's last name.

My New Family Tree Name Tag

I had the wonderful opportunity at the end of October to speak at the Iowa Genealogical Society Fall Conference.  Once there, it didn't take me but a few minutes to notice that many of the genealogists in attendance were wearing these amazing family tree name tags.

My reaction was immediate: "I want one!"

The name tags, of course, give your name, but they take it two steps - or generations - further.  They show in pedigree chart style your parents and grandparents.  The women are listed with their maiden names. I chose to use my maiden name for my name, but I'm sure you could use your husband's name or hyphenate the two to add another surname to your tag. Anyway, without saying a word, whomever you're speaking immediately knows the four or five primary surnames you're researching!  How easy - and fun - is that for family tree networking!

The name tags are 2.25 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.  White with black engraved lettering and a pin clasp. Turn around time (order to receipt) is about two weeks.

The Iowa Genealogical Society uses the name tags as a fund-raiser. They are $13 each shipped to your mailbox.

If you, too, have the "I want one!" reaction, visit the Iowa Genealogical Society website. You can complete the online order form,http://shop.iowapioneers.com/Genealogical-Name-Tag-NameTag.htm.  

Questions? Email Debi Chase at igsoffice@iowagenealogy.org, and tell her "Beth sent you."

Oh! What a great Christmas present for the genealogy-junkie in the family!  (And, yes, it's okay to buy yourself Christmas presents.)

I can't wait to start wearing it around conferences and genealogy meetings. If you see me and happen to recognize any of my ancestors from my name tag, let's talk!

Happy Networking!

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