Sunday, November 10, 2013

SLCC Genealogy Course: Post #12 - Mid-Term Project Proposal

For class this week for the Salt Lake Community College, Genealogy Course we had to submit a proposal for a 6 hour mid-term project. We went over a list of different types of projects that could be done in three different categories: Oral Interviews, Internet Publishing and Sharing Information. Here were some suggestions

  • Oral Family History Interviews
  • Scan or copy photos & documents
  • Compile & organize files
  • Write a book
  • Make a PowerPoint book
  • 5 Generation Ancestor Book
  • Generate a Timeline
  • Internet Publishing with a Blog or Google Websites
  • Share information on public sites: Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch Family Tree

There were a number of videos we could watch to learn how to create a project in the different areas. I knew immediately wanted to do.  It was a project that I already wanted to create by Christmas for my family.

This is what I submitted for my project.
For my mid-term project I would like to set up a private blog for my parent's descendants. My parents are converts to the LDS Church. I want to organize the faith promoting stories I have been collecting on the family and share them on the blog. Helping their descendants understand why the gospel is important to us.
I wanted to make this into a book for Christmas but the more I have thought about it through the year I think it would work better on a blog. Using tags I can organize the stories into different categories, which would be more flexible than a book index. I also think that private blog would make it easier for some of the family members to help contribute directly to the blog any additional stories. I want to set up a blog in such a way that it actually look more like a website than a blog.
I was happy that my mid-term project proposal was accepted this past Wednesday. I have until midnight on this coming Wednesday evening to complete 6 hours on this project. I just have to find 6 hours before then to do it. Friday and Saturday last week I attended the ICAPGen/BYU/UGA Fall Conference. While I was at the conference I took advantage of the break from my computer to have a new hard drive installed in it. My old hard drive was dying. I had a seeking problem and it was getting so bad, taking long and longer times between pausing. I didn't realize until after I saw the mid-term was due that I was causing a terrible time crunch. I debated holding off on the new hard drive, but my computer must have heard me and decided to barely move. It made me realize it wasn't good to postpone getting that new hard drive put in. The computer went into the shop Thursday afternoon.  I won't get it back from the shop until Monday morning the earliest. I then have to install essential programs, put in 4 hours of work for RootsMagic each day, and manage to get those 6 hours in before the deadline. I am going to be one busy lady, so wish me luck.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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