Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Have Civil War Ancestors? Get Cindy's Book to Guide your Research

The following is from the In-Depth Genealogist.

Have Civil War Ancestors? 

Get Ancestors in a Nation Divided: An In-Depth Guide to Researching Your Civil War Ancestors

Why Research Your Civil War ancestor?
You may have a story or two handed down through your family about your Civil War ancestor. So what other info do you need?
Was he a northerner called to service by the president? So with honor and the instilled need to preserve the Union he enlisted? Or was he a Confederate soldier fighting for his new country and its rights and freedom? Was he an African American, freedman or slave, fighting for the system with little acknowledgement?
Why research? Because your Civil War ancestor's story is a part of our country’s history. Yet more than that it's a part of your story. To know your Civil War ancestor, his life and military service, is to know a part of you.
 Ancestors In A Nation Divided will guide you through the steps of researching your Civil War ancestor. From the beginning if you only have a name - to an in-depth search of his military and post-war life this book will guide you through the process.
Packed with the resources you need to research you'll be able to:
Begin even if you don't know where to start
Understand Compiled Military Service Records and Pension Files
Find your Civil War ancestor in little known and under-used censuses
Take a look at Provost Marshall Records
Learn about Confederate Military History and the Official Records
Take a look at long forgotten resources like the Old Soldiers Home, GAR and UVC membership
And so much more!
Whether your ancestor fought for the Union or the Confederacy, Ancestors In A Nation Divided will help you open the doors to his military service. You'll learn about the battles he fought, camp life, injuries he may have sustained and more. Your research will put you alongside your ancestor in his Civil War journey. You’ll learn about his experiences and in knowing what he lived through you’ll be able to appreciate his service all the more. The Civil War changed this country’s path, it shaped our nation into what we know today and your ancestor had a hand in that. Ancestors In A Nation Divided will help you start learning about your Civil War ancestor today.

Ancestors in a Nation Divided is currently offered as a PDF for just $9.99.  Within the next few weeks additional formats will be available including Kindle and Nook. Best of all, we’ll also have a paperback version that will be 8.5” x 11” in black and white for $19.99.  Simply go to http://theindepthgenealogist.com/idg-products/ to get your copy!


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