Tuesday, July 15, 2014

SCGS Upcoming Webinars

The following is from the Southern California Genealogical Society.

Join us for our twice-monthly webinars featuring knowledgeable and highly respected genealogical speakers.The initial webcast is offered free of charge to family historians around the globe.
SCGS members have 24/7 access to nearly 70 sessions in the members-only webinar archive. Register today for the webinars in the 2014 series!
Thank you to our sponsor Go To Webinar and its owner, Citrix Online. We are grateful to their support of the SCGS mission to provide genealogical education to a global audience. 

Wednesday, July 16      
6:00 PM - PDT, 7:00 PM - MDT, 8:00 PM - CDT, 9:00 PM - EDT. "How to Interview family: Skills for your Ears, Eyes, Brain" by Susan Kitchens. Overview of an interview event, from planning to afterwards. Less emphasis on equipment, more on mindset. How to approach. Questions to ask. Dealing with family 'gotchas.' Approaches to preservation. 

Saturday, August 2    
10:00 AM - PDT, 11:00 AM - MDT, 12:00 PM - CDT, 1:00 PM - EDT.  "Crossing the Border: How to Backtrack an Ancestor into Québec from the US" by George L. Findlen, PhD, CG.  To maximize the chance of succeeding in crossing the border, the talk answers three questions: What steps do I follow to find my French-Canadian's origin in Québec? What resources will give me that information? What pitfalls must I avoid?   

Wednesday, August 20    
6:00 PM - PDT, 7:00 PM - MDT, 8:00 PM - CDT, 9:00 PM - EDT. "Seven Strategies for 'Finding the Hard Ones'" by James M. Baker, PhD, CG. This presentation goes through step-by-step procedures using 7 strategies for finding the most challenging data. Strategies include the use of collaboration, search engines, the tomes, property records, broadening your search, on-site hard copy, and DNA evidence.  

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