Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My Family History Calling

The following is from FamilySearch.

Temple Challenge Goes Worldwide With Launch of New Webpage

"Prepare as many names for the temple as baptisms you perform in the temple." That was the challenge issued by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to a group of nearly 4,000 youth at the RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City in February of 2014. See what magic has happened since then and how you can assist.

LDS Youth Have Free Access to FamilySearch Partner Websites

Use the New Online Page for the My Family Booklet

What's New on FamilySearch.org

Pioneer Ancestor Page Goes Viral
To honor and celebrate our pioneer heritage, FamilySearch recently released a feature that allows users to see if they have any direct ancestors who were in Mormon Pioneer Companies. It was recently revised to include a "View My Relationship" feature. If you haven't seen this amazing tool or would like to share it with someone, click here.

Video: Overcoming Addiction through Indexing
Stephen Jezek was heading nowhere in life, overpowered by addictions to alcohol, drugs, and, particularly, pornography. Hear him tell how he overcame his demons and found purpose, direction, and the Spirit through indexing. Watch this powerful video.
Call for Partner Site Success Stories
How has using FamilySearch partner sites and services bolstered your family history experience? (If you or someone you know needs access to these sites, click here.) In what ways have you benefitted from access to Ancestry.comfindmypast, and MyHeritage ? We know you have amazing stories to tell and we'd love to hear them! Leave us a comment and let us know about people you've found, roadblocks you've overcome, or developments in your search that have surprised and delighted you. We may use your stories in our materials to help others achieve their own success!If you have a success story you'd like to share, please email it to FSInfo@ldschurch.org

for directors
For Center Directors: Making Space for Discovery Experiences
Family History Centers are found in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from the very large to the very small. Don't let perceived space restrictions make decisions for you about what you can do in your center. To get some idea of how you can make the most of your Family History Center space, click here.

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