Monday, September 15, 2014

MyHeritage on prime time news show

The following is from MyHeritage.

I'm delighted to share a TV segment which appeared this weekend on an Israeli prime time news show, watched by over 25% of Israel's population. It featured an interview with MyHeritage Founder and CEO, Gilad Japhet, and showcased MyHeritage as a company that not only does well as a business, but also does good in the world. 

The segment highlights some of MyHeritage's pro bono work, including helping to discover heirs for unclaimed assets confiscated during WWII, returning looted art to its rightful owners and our global crowdsourcing project to digitally preserve the world's cemeteries with BillionGraves.

Our technologies have helped millions of families around the world make new discoveries, and we're delighted to have helped in these projects as well. 

Please see the video with English subtitles here:

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