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Reminder: Y-DNA and mtDNA are being retired on September 30

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Reminder: Your Y-DNA and mtDNA results will no longer be available as ofSeptember 30, 2014
A few months ago, we sent a notification that we are retiring the Y-DNA and mtDNA tests and that your results will no longer be available online. The original deadline of September 5 has been extended to September 30 in order to give you extra time to access your results. After September 30, 2014, you will no longer be able to view Y-DNA and mtDNA results on website.

Important: This does not affect the AncestryDNA autosomal DNA test. We continue to offer the AncestryDNA service and are fully committed to supporting and expanding its’ capabilities. AncestryDNA has a vibrant and growing user community, now over ½ million strong, and a team of 11 Ph.D. scientists dedicated to providing new breakthroughs with DNA for family history.

Preserving your Y-DNA and mtDNA results
To save the results of Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, there are two popular options.

Download your raw DNA data. For instructions on downloading your raw data, please read this guide to downloading your Y-DNA or mtDNA data.

Print your results. For instructions on printing your results, please read this guide to printing your Y-DNA or mtDNA results.

For more information about retiring the Y-DNA and mtDNA testing, please read this article, which includes additional details.

Have questions? Check out answers to these Frequently Asked Questions.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to check out AncestryDNA. Here are some of the things we’ve heard from Y-DNA and mtDNA customers comparing AncestryDNA to Y-DNA and mtDNA tests.

Easier to understand Instead of getting a haplogroup result, like “E1b1b”, the AncestryDNA test provides an easy to read, detailed percentage mix of where your ancestors came from, such as Ireland, Great Britain, Native America, etc…

Better DNA matching With a rapidly growing database of over ½ million people and the use of more of your DNA, over 700,000 DNA markers, you can make more and closer family connections across your entire family tree with the autosomal AncestryDNA test.

Less limitations Both men and women can take the AncestryDNA test and get the same powerful results. Similarly, because autosomal DNA is inherited from both of your parents, the AncestryDNA test gives you results that include ancestors from both paternal and maternal lines of your family and everywhere in between.

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