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LDSTech Newsletter, January 2015

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LDSTech Newsletter

January Broadcast: Mormon Channel

LDSTech broadcasts return in 2015 beginning January 9, from 12 noon to 1 p.m. MST. Rob Boshard will be presenting on the Mormon Channel Android app.  You are welcome to attend in person onsite or connect remotely over the internet to view the live presentation.  

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Timely Reminder on Use of Online Resources in Church Callings

In August 2014, Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles encouraged Church members to "flood the earth with messages filled with righteousness and truth." He was speaking to individuals about social media, but his message is applicable to any online presence created to further the work of the Church. Websites, blogs, and social media posts can strengthen faith, assist with coordination efforts, and share Church content to great effect.

If you are thinking about creating online content...


Joseph Smith Papers Now More Accessible to Mobile Users

In early December 2014, The Joseph Smith Papers Project announced the publication of the third volume of its Documents series. At the same time, announced that the Project also updated the content and the website has a new look and feel.

With the upgrade to the, the rich legacy of Joseph Smith becomes more usable and accessible to mobile users.  

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LDS Church Sends Email News to Members

Did you recently see an email with the subject, "Messages from the First Presidency" in your inbox?  The inaugural Inspiration and News email began with , "Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are pleased to announce this new Church email newsletter that we will regularly publish and share with members of the Church..." Beginning December 3 and 4, the Church began sending email from the First Presidency to members.

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Calendar 2.7 Updates

The Calendar version 2.7 has just been released. Whether you are a new or returning user, this update has many improvements that make the calendar more flexible and responsive to the needs of Church members.

New features and bug fixes are just in time for 2015 stake and ward planning. to see a full list of chnages, go to LDSTech Forum.  Some major changes included in this release can be found by clicking below and reading more.

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Help for Calendar 2.7 Deserves a Closer Look

With the release of Calendar 2.7, help for the Church Calendar users is redesigned with new content and new navigation.  The new Help uses menus, section numbers, and hyperlinks to get you what you need to see the easiest and fastest way possible.

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Church Service Missionary Newest LDSTech Writer

Sister Sharon Howell, a new Church Service Missionary on the LDSTech Communications team, comes from a rich LDS pioneer heritage. "One ancestor write the words to 'We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet' while serving a mission in England," she says. "Another ancestor was well-known as a poet, healer, and midwife."

In some ways, Sister Howell is a "reverse pioneer." After she graduated from Brigham Young University, she married and moved to Maryland, and then to rural Virginia where many Church members are first generation converts. "Here members are spread out over many square miles. Living here has been a blessing. My personal boundaries have been stretched beyond my natural abilities as I serve in various stake and ward callings."

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Watch LDSTech Broadcasts 

DateStreamPresenter & Topic
2014—JUL –11
2014 – JUN – 06
Jesh Barlow – FamilySearch Mobile Apps
Mike Madsen – Youth Activity Pages on
2014 – MAY – 02Michael Colemere – Four Elements of Successful Communication Strategies
2014 – MAR – 14Mel Broberg – Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL)
2014 – FEB – 07Jim Byer – Windows 8 Gospel Library
2014 – JAN – 10Hal Rushton – Gospel Content on the Feature Phone

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