Wednesday, January 07, 2015

RootsMagic Offers Discount on MyHeritage Subscription to Users Until 12 Jan 2015

The following is from RootsMagic.

WebHints Plus MyHeritage Discount

One of my favorite new features in RootsMagic 7 are WebHints, the little light bulbs which pop up next to a person's name on the main screens when there are possible records for that person on MyHeritage or FamilySearch.

When we first wired that feature into the program, we found that we were getting behind in our programming because we kept playing with that feature.  We were finding records (newspaper articles, draft records, certificates) on our own families that we hadn't seen before.  They linked me directly to some older census records for some of my ancestors that I really hadn't spent much time looking into.  But since there was a light bulb it was easy to just click on it and see what it wanted to show me.

Then when we released RM7 to our beta testers they were telling us they had the same problem... they were having to pull themselves away from the WebHints long enough to test the other features.

One of the things I like about the MyHeritage WebHints is that you can see an overview of the hints even if you don't have a subscription.  Of course, if you want to view all the details (and see the image if there is one), you do need a subscription.

MyHeritage just told us that they have been offering a discount on their subscription (you may have seen it when looking at the WebHints).  They are offering a one year subscription for $75 (instead of the usual $119.40), but it expires January 12th.

People ask me all the time if a particular site is worth it, and I always tell them the only way to decide is to see if the site has any information that is useful to you personally.  If you don't already subscribe to MyHeritage and were either thinking about it, or wondering if it was worth it, this might be the time to check them out.

If you are using RM7 but haven't tried the WebHints, click the little light bulb on some of your family members that you might not have done as much research on, and check out the hints.  If they look useful, you can take advantage of the discount right from the results screen.  Or you can click here to get the discount as well.

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