Saturday, January 31, 2015

NERGC 13th Genealogical Conference 15-18 April 2015

The following is from the New England Regional Genealogical Consortium.

Navigating the Past: Sailing into the Future

The New England Regional Genealogical Consortium, Inc. (NERGC) invites you to join us at our thirteenth genealogical conference 15-18 April 2015 at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island. The Convention Center offers outstanding facilities, amenities, and service in an easy-to-reach location. It is conveniently located in the heart of historic Providence -- the only US city to be named "one of the Top Ten Up-and-Coming Travel Destinations in the World" by the Wall Street Journal.
The conference theme, "Navigating the Past: Sailing into the Future", has strong nautical connections, in keeping with the distinctive flavor of Rhode Island, while also focusing on methodology with "navigating the past" and looking towards the changes of the future (technology, passing on information, and getting kids involved in genealogy).
With over 95 lectures to choose from in two and-a-half days, and with levels ranging from beginner to expert NERGC 2015 will help attendees "navigate":
• New research pathways, methodologies, and strategies, including technology and online resources;
• Ethnic genealogy of all types
• Maritime and military topics including privateers, pirates, and other sea-faring folk;
• New approaches for navigating and utilizing record sources (such as religious, civil, cemetery, military, and newspapers);
• New uses of sources (such as religious, civil, cemetery, military, and newspapers);
• Photography and family heirlooms;
• New England's repositories (archives, libraries, historical societies);
• Successful research plannning and project implementation; and
• Ways to engage youth in genealogy.
NERGC 2015 will help bring together genealogists and family historians from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you are just beginning the search for your family, are already an advanced researcher, or perhaps even a professional genealogist, the NERGC 2015 conference will provide you with an ideal opportunity to advance your knowledge and research skills. In addition to the wealth of knowledge shared by expert genealogists, there will be opportunities to explore the Exhibit Hall and to "navigate the past" at the Society Fair, Special Interest Groups, and Ancestors Road Show -- and plenty of opportunities to meet hundreds of other attendees at the Conference who share your love for genealogy.

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