Friday, June 24, 2016

Ancestry Academy New Courses Added June 2016

The following is from Ancestry Academy.

Ancestry Academy

New Courses on Ancestry Academy

Ancestry Academy’s online course library continues to grow! Not only do we have four new full-length courses, but we’ve also added a variety of short Getting Started and beginner videos—with more to come each month! These shorter videos are accessible from the Ancestry Academy home page, as well as through links on relevant pages of the Ancestry website and its related product sites, Fold3 and
Come check out these new offerings, including the four new courses below taught by experts in the genealogy community:

Discovering the History of Your House on Ancestry, with Marian Pierre-Louis

You may have joined Ancestry to learn about your ancestors, but did you know you can also research the history of your house? Researching the history of your house could be just as fulfilling, as you learn about the families that once lived there. The big difference between genealogy and house history research is that we only want to trace the homeowners when they lived in the home; we don't typically trace them from generation to generation.

The Lure of the Train Whistle: Researching Railroad Workers, with Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, FMGS, FUGA

Understanding the records of a particular area will help you be a better researcher. In this course, you will get a feel for the wide range of records that are available to you in this state of 254 counties and over 171 million acres of land. By the end of the course, you will be more confident with researching your Texas ancestors.

Family History: Putting the Pieces Together, with Donna M. Moughty

You’ve started your family history but the pieces don’t seem to fit and the jigsaw puzzle isn’t revealing a picture as you’d hoped. Sometimes it’s just a matter of turning a piece in another direction or fitting it into a different place in the picture. This class will look at the basics of sound research, utilizing the principles of "The Genealogical Proof Standard" to focus your research. Creating clear objectives and searching appropriately to meet the objectives will save time and provide better results.

Behind the Scenes: The Science Behind AncestryDNA Results, with Catherine A. Ball, PhD

We walk through the scientific process upon which your AncestryDNA results are built, primarily focusing on DNA matching as a case study. Using the scientific method, we look at the development of a new version of DNA matching: from our hypothesis and suspicion of false positive matches, to results from extensive research and data exploration, and finally to the development and evaluation of new algorithms. We discuss the advantage of our large database, which has led to, and will continue to lead to, other influential findings powering new AncestryDNA features. 
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