Friday, June 24, 2016

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DNA: Genealogy and Health Reports All in One Kit
We're happy to offer you an opportunity to learn more about your ancestors, your traits, and your health through 23andMe, a leading DNA service with over 1.2 million genotyped customers. 23andMe's personalized genetic service is the perfect complement to your family tree, revealing the biological traces of your ancestral roots. It allows you to make genealogical discoveries by matching you with other genotyped members in 23andMe's database and helps you understand how your DNA can affect your health. It is the first and only genetic service that includes reports that meet FDA standards.
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We're excited to let you know that we now offer the ability to upload DNA data to your family tree on MyHeritage, enabling you to discover more about your family history. Your DNA data will be kept private and secure. 

Enhancing your family tree with DNA results can lead to new discoveries. Soon, MyHeritage will roll out DNA Matching, allowing you to be matched to other people who share DNA with you and are likely related to you. MyHeritage will allow you to review the family trees of your DNA Matches (excluding living people) and filter them by shared surnames or locations to focus on matches that are more relevant to you. Best of all, DNA Matching will be combined with the power of MyHeritage's other technologies — Smart Matching™ and Record Matching — helping you determine the likely relationship path to your DNA Matches and prove or disprove other matches. You will be able to connect with new relatives and collaborate with them. 

Further down the road, MyHeritage will provide detailed ethnic and geographic origin reports based on DNA.

These features, including the DNA Matching, are currently FREE. 

If you or your family members have already done a DNA test on AncestryDNA, 23andMe or FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder, you are invited to export this data, and upload it to MyHeritage in just a few clicks. Your DNA will be matched for free to a very large set of additional people. You'll benefit from MyHeritage's vast international user base of 82 million registered users, plus the 10 million additional registered users on Geni, and get matches you would not receive otherwise. If you upload your DNA data now, you will enjoy DNA Matching for free. This may become a paid feature later on, but it will remain free for users who upload now. 

Click here to access our new DNA upload page. On that page, simple instructions are provided explaining how to export your DNA data from other services, and how to upload it to MyHeritage. Privacy terms are clearly explained, and you may delete DNA data that you've uploaded at any time. 

The new service described here is relevant if you have already tested your DNA. If you have not tested your DNA yet, please review our recommended DNA tests

We hope DNA will open new directions for your family history research. 

Have questions? We're happy to help! Call our support team: USA Toll Free 1-877-432-3135 | UK Toll Free +44 80 0098 8125 | Click here for our worldwide contact details. 

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