Tuesday, March 13, 2018

UGA DNA Special Interest Group Webinar March 20th

The following is from the Utah Genealogical Association.

DNA Special Interest Group Webinar March 20th at 7:00pm MDT

DNA Success in---and in Spite of---Endogamy, by Lara Diamond
Endogamy occurs often in genetic genealogy and is something that can be particularly challenging because what appears to be a close cousin match may be a distant cousin several times over. Lara Diamond will explain endogamy and show examples of what it looks like in genetic genealogy and how to combat effects to use genetic genealogy to help prove your ancestry.

Lara Diamond is an Ashkenazic Jew, so she gets to have particular fun with her completely endogamous genome. She is president of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Maryland, leads JewishGen's Subcarpathian SIG, is on JewishGen's Ukraine SIG's board of directors. She also runs multiple district- and town-focused projects to collect documentation to assist all those researching ancestors from common towns. She blogs about DNA and her Eastern European research at http://larasgenealogy.blogspot.com.

Registration is open to UGA members only, to register sign in at UGAgenealogy.org. or visit UGAgenealogy.org for a list of upcoming webinars open to the public.

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