Tuesday, March 13, 2018

UGA Virtual Chapter Meeting March 15th

The following is from the Utah Genealogical Association.

UGA Virtual Chapter Meeting March 15th at 7:00pm MDT

Migration Trails Across America, by Peggy Lauritzen, AG®

Registration is free and open to the public.  Click here to register.

Peggy Lauritzen, AGDescription: 
America has been a nation on the move since the first landings in the colonies. From buffalo traces and Native American trails to rivers and canals, Americans found a way to keep pushing “west”. This presentation concentrates on the most common means of travel in the New World. Migration trails and patterns will be discussed, as well as the many rivers and canals that interconnected us as a nation. A case study will be demonstrated showing a “lost” ancestor”.
Peggy Lynn Clemens Lauritzen, AG, has been involved in genealogy since before her birth. Her parents were excellent genealogists, and instilled the same love of history and family in her and her three sisters. One of her favorite pictures is of her mother on her way to do cemetery research four days before Peggy’s birth. Her roots run deep into the South, where she is accredited. They involve the states of Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and some areas of Pennsylvania, and she loves the area of Appalachia. Though not inclined to do client research, she finds great satisfaction in seeing others discover their ancestors through the classes she teaches. She and her husband are Directors of the Family History Center in Mansfield, Ohio. More information about her is on her web site and ICAPGen profile.

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