Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Repent

Sunday is usually a good day to confess your sins and repent. I started feeling guilty about not signing up for FamilySearch Indexing. I mean I've written about it in my blog and encouraged others to participate. I even had a reader write me with some tips on using it. People assume since I have been writing about it that I must be actually doing indexing. Boy was I feeling guilty that I didn't even always know what they were talking about.

I've been procrastinating my day of repentance until the August Ensign came out. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints puts out the Ensign as a monthly magazine.) It has such a beautiful article written by Constance Palmer Lewis, “FamilySearch Indexing,” Ensign, Aug 2007, 34–41. This article is now available online if you don't have the magazine. I read it and knew my day had come.

Why haven't I been indexing - well my excuse is time, isn't that the way for everyone! Every free minute of my waking day is spent doing genealogy. I am constantly doing research on my family lines or working with something that deals with genealogy. I am absorbed into my hobby. My kids have asked me why I don't try to get accredited and I tell them because I'm selfish and can't imagine doing someone else's genealogy when there is so much to do with mine. I'm the only LDS family member actually doing something with it. I do assist people at the Family History Center or in my calling as Family History Consultant in doing research, but I'm not going to do it for them.

You see I am one of those guilty genealogist not doing indexing because I feel like it's a good activity for those not really into genealogy. I was kind of thinking it's a good activity for those that feel their genealogy is all done (whatever!). People that are just not as overwhelmed in research work like me.

I've recently had the chance to hear some really faith promoting stories from people doing FamilySearch Indexing and I wanted to start sharing them on my blog. But I knew I needed to get involved in the work myself. After all I plan on actually using the indexed materials as they become available. All this got me thinking how selfish of me to want to eat the bread the little red hen baked and not help in the work after all.

I reasoned that I could donate my Sundays to doing FamilySearch Indexing. Rest from my daily genealogy labors and do something for the greater good of society. I was totally repentant and ready to mend my wild ways. I planned all week that Sunday I would sign up and get some facts and report my results and finding back to you. If I could do it so could you.

That is until I tried to get on FamilySearch Indexing today to sign up as a volunteer. I guess too many people are trying to participate in this same Sunday activity. Now I sit repentant but unable to atone for my sins and make restitution by starting to Index. I called FamilySearch Support but I couldn't get through. I am left in the cold this Sunday evening. Even when I finally could get on the site I then couldn't even sign up to volunteer. It appears the button to pick a country is not working properly.

As I sit on the outskirts to the Indexing world I feel so disappointed. I so wanted to join in the all the fun and faith promoting experiences you are having. Feels kind of like being able to look at the temple but not having a recommend to come in.

WAHOO!!! As I was finishing up this article I gave FamilySearch Indexing one last try and success! The country button is now functioning and I am now signed up. Within seconds of signing up I received my confirmation email. Part of me wants to rewrite this article but I realize you might want to see my humble beginning on the road to FamilySearch Indexing. Anyways I have to leave you know and go play in my latest genealogy playground - FamilySearch

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!


Bernard said...

Alas, I still need to sign up as well. Not only have I been doing my own genealogy but just the updating of my website and other administrative duties seems to be taking all my time.

I like the idea of taking Sunday as the time to work on the Indexing. I usually try to post as well but this would be a great way to be of service.

Cyndi said...

I just finished indexing my first batch. What a joy. And let me tell you, if you only think indexing is to help others (which it will), don't be surprised when it actually helps you too! I was just online with Genealogy Lookup Chat Forum, and I was discussing my Shirley family, and feeling a little down about not being able to find William Newton Shirley in Hill County, Texas, and thinking that census records for Texas were hard to come by - well, you guessed it. My first indexing batch is the Texas 1900 census and so is my second batch. What an inspiration!

Renee Zamora said...

Cyndi - I have heard of people actually finding lost relatives as they are indexing. I am praying you will be blessed likewise while indexing the Texas 1900 census.