Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Digital Pioneer

There is a new genealogy blog worth watching on the LDS scene. It is called "Digital Pioneering". The blogger is Regina Brindle who lives in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. A day before the FGS Conference she was called a to work on the digitization project. Which is a collaborative work between BYU, FamilySearch and the Allen County Public Library (ACPL).

After the FGS Conference Regina sent me her very detailed and well written notes reporting on the what happened there. She had all the signs of a blogger in the making. Today she started her adventure into the blogging world and has just created her first blog entry "Beginnings". Which is literally her first day on the scene working on this massive collaborative digitization project. Through her blog we get to be a little fly on the wall and actual "see" what is happening there.

The blog is where she will keep her missionary journal and the nice thing is we get to read it. It promises to be an adventure worth watching. Point your blog readers to and come along for the ride.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Regine said...

Hi Renee!
Thanks for posting about my new adventure!
It's humbling to know there are some people who will read what I wrote. The call from our Stake president came sometime in September... You'd think I'd remember but so many things have come together these past weeks that it's all a blur. President Eyring's talk at Conference sure put things into perspective for me. Too many of those moments have been lost. The thought that these experiences are not just for me... Makes one think...