Friday, October 12, 2007

FHC Director Access to New FamilySearch

In a recent letter to all FHC Directors they were invited to register in and begin using the new FamilySearch in order to better prepare for the transition to the new system. This is the production system and all information entered will become a permanent part of the Church records.

FHC Directors that are in the four current live temple districts, i.e. St. Louis, Missouri; Reno, Nevada; Orlando, Florida; and Billings, Montana; already have access and do not need to register again.

It was strongly encouraged for FHC Directors to access the online training for new FamilySearch. This training will introduce them to the new system and will provide detailed information about the features and capabilities new FamilySearch has to offer.

Items of note:
  1. If you are in a temple district that does not yet have this system, the temple will not accept the new Family Ordinance Request forms. Please continue to submit ordinances through Temple Ready until your temple goes live with new FamilySearch. Do not take the Family Ordinance Request forms from new FamilySearch to the temple.
  2. The early access is limited to FHC Directors. They are encouraged to utilize the site and to use the helper feature. Do not share your login credentials with others.
  3. Please do not request additional access for family history consultants or center staff. They will be invited to use the new system approximately 90 days before new FamilySearch is implemented in your temple district.
  4. We encourage you to share the new FamilySearch training information with center staff as you prepare to use the system.
  5. Please encourage any family history consultant and center staff in your stake to register at This will allow them to receive updates directly from FamilySearch Support.
  6. Priesthood leaders may also register at This will allow them to access new FamilySearch early and receive the same information that is being sent to the consultants.
So, even if your temple district has not been informed when it will get new FamilySearch you can still get a glimpse of it before hand. The person to get to know is your local FHC Director. All FHC Directors have been given access to the system for training purposes. FHC staff and consultants will not receive access until your temple district is ready for rollout. Your local FHC Director can use the helper feature to give you a peek at what all the hype is about.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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