Tuesday, October 16, 2007

There is Still Life in that Old Computer

There comes a time in every computer's life that it becomes obsolete. If you still have life in that old computer and you wish to donate it or sell it to someone else, make sure your personal information doesn't go with it. Just reformatting the hard drive is not going to take care of that. Someone can still come and recover the old data. Your life is still in that old computer. Why give someone the excuse of committing identify theft on you?

I just saw that Nothing But Software has a special on SecurErase 8.1 Digital HardDrive Shredder. This software might just be your answer and the price is right. Right now if you click the following link:
you can get this software for only $4.49.

I have bought several programs through Nothing But Software and I really like their service. I only pay for the cheapest delivery option $4.99 and I still receive it in just a couple of days. This just might be the stocking stuffer you can give to your Gen-Nerd for Christmas.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day.

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RussellH said...

Freeware that does the same thing: