Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Temples to Go Live with new FamilySearch

I received word on the latest temple districts to go live with new FamilySearch and those that have received their official roll-out dates.
Sister Zamora,

The following temples went live yesterday:
The Hague
Tuxtla Mexico

And official “go live” notices have been sent to the following:
Merida Mexico (August 12)
Montevideo Uruguay (August 12)
Panama City Panama (August 12)
Papeete Tahiti (August 12)
Columbia SC (August 19)
Santo Domingo DR (August 19)
Suva Fiji (August 19)
Tampico Mexico (August 19)

I didn't have Panama City on my "New FamilySearch Roll-out" spreadsheet because it hasn't been dedicated yet. The dedication is scheduled for the 10th of August. This will now bring our count of temples to 127. With these updates we have 74 temples now live with NFS. I have 28 temples announced to go live, but not all of them have official go live dates. That leaves us with 25 temple districts that still need to be announced, 14 of which are in the Utah and Idaho area. You can make it 15 waiting for word, because Las Vegas was announced but then later put on hold. After these 15 receive word of going live the United States will be complete. Of course they should also be among the last to do so.

The next largest area that is waiting for word is the Asia and Middle East district, i.e. Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China. I would think language support would be an issue there. Support might be a big issue for all the remain temple districts to go live. I have heard that they need double the amount of support missionaries for Utah to go live with NFS. If you have been considering serving as a family history support missionary I am sure it would be appreciated if you apply now.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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Anonymous said...

If they would create support forums for newFamilySearch or allow the Research Forums to discuss and help with newFamilSearch questions, many of the support issues could be handled by other members and Family History Consultants from around the world in the forums. Then the support missionaries could be freed from all the help type questions they get.