Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update on NFS Roll-out

It's Tuesday and more temple districts have gone live with new FamilySearch this week. My source at FamilySearch has given me an update of where we stand.

Sister Zamora,

Here’s my latest report on new FamilySearch.

Temples that went live on September 16 were Cochabamba Bolivia, Denver CO, London & Preston England. Temples that went live today, September 23 were Seattle WA, Regina Saskatchewan, and Washington DC. Other announced temples include:

September 30 – Medford OR, Memphis TN, & Spokane WA

October 7 – Anchorage AK, Montreal Quebec, Oklahoma City OK, & Portland OR


I was on break at work when I read this update. I didn't have time to check but I felt that all the temple districts in North America, excluding Utah, Idaho and Las Vegas, now had a official "go live" date. I quickly wrote to my source to inquire. Here is their reply.
Yes, every temple district in North America, with the exception of Idaho, Utah, and Las Vegas have official “go live” dates. Aba Nigeria, Hamilton New Zealand, and Mexico City should receive “go live” dates within the next few weeks. That leaves on the Asian temples (Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong). These temples do not have dates yet.
WAHOO!! We are down to our last major announcements now. The most difficult areas are all that remain to be rolled-out. Here are the stats: 128 Temple districts, 97 Live, 10 announced. I took Las Vegas off my announced list because it really needs to have a new announce date. There are 21 temples that remain to be announced to go live with NFS. There are 5 in Asia which make up, 2 in Japan, 1 in Korea, 1 in Taiwan and 1 in Hong Kong. Then we have the Wasatch Front, 4 in Idaho, 11 in Utah and 1 more Las Vegas. After all that it's open to the whole world.

I have updated my New FamilySearch Roll-out spreadsheet.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another genealogy day!

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D. Jordan said...

I received notice that Portland, OR went active on 9/20/08. D.Jordan