Friday, February 20, 2009

Putin’s distant cousins in the US

New York, 20 February 2009 – International family network dynastree ( launches 9th language version: Russian relatives can now be searched for on

About 142 million people live in Russia, more than enough to have a great probability of being related to at least one of them. dynastree, the worldwide family network has launched a Russian version of the free services offered all around the world in 10 languages. So far, all users can search the 75 million profiles database free of any charge to find out if they are related to for example the famous poet Alexander Pushkin, politician Vladimir Putin or tennis-starlet Anna Kournikova.

Here are 4 convincing facts to search for relatives on

• since 1820 over 3,374,000 Russian people emigrated to the United States
• Russians have governed 15 republics with more than 151 million people for over 69 years
• Russia neighbors 14 countries and its territory extends itself over Europe and Asia
• 2008 was the family year in Russia, what made Russians more aware of their family legacy

Currently, there are more than 7.5 million family trees in the dynastree database, relatives can be invited to the family tree and several easy-to-use family communication features make staying in contact with even distant relatives a child’s play. The platform’s features are free to use and will continue expanding all around the globe.

About dynastree
Apart from the English site, the services are available in Germany (, in Poland (, Spain and South America (, Portugal (, Brazil (, the Netherlands (, Italy (, Russia ( and France ( dynastree is supported by leading Business Angels, Hasso Plattner Ventures and Neuhaus Partners, a well-known venture capitalist.

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