Monday, February 09, 2009

Upload Photos and Documents on Family Pursuit

Family Pursuit is pleased to announce the release of the photo and document upload feature for Private Family Trees. You can now upload photos and documents and attach them directly to individuals in your tree, allowing the entire family to view and download. With photo and document upload you can:
  • Upload photos of family members and attach them to their record in the tree
  • Document your research with images of source documents
  • Upload scanned images of old photos, letters and other documents
  • Upload scanned images of research notes and logs and attach them to your research projects
  • Upload previously written histories and stories about your ancestors
  • Upload all file types including: PDF, DOC, audio and video files
All images are stored at full resolution making it easier for family members to read scanned documents such as birth, marriage or death certificates and census records. Images and documents can also be attached to multiple individuals in the family tree as in the case of a family photo or census household record.

Uploading images and documents is only available in a Private Family Tree. To find out more about Private Family Trees on Family Pursuit, visit our website at

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