Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Utah Valley Chapter of UGA Announcement

Dear UGA Members, and Guests

We do not have the resources or leadership to continue the Utah Valley Chapter of UGA. We have talked to the State UGA and agreed to temporarily close this chapter. So there will not be a February 2009 meeting or future meetings. I encourage each of you to go to the UGA website if you are willing to help with, or see results of, the pioneer project indexing. The website to volunteer is info@infouga.org and the website for data is www.utahpioneers.net.

You can get great help with your genealogy and family history at the PAF Users group (for more information go to thier website: http://www.uvpafug.org/
which meets the second Saturday of each month and has well known speakers (we have not had a large enough attendance to ask name speakers, although we have had a few that were personal friends of members). There are also classes at the BYU Family History Library, (their website is http://www.lib.byu.edu/fslab/) on each 2nd and 4th Sunday.They do a good job of specific classes and you can find a list each month on line. We hear that a Norwegian Researcher, John Christensen teaches there some Sundays -- so if you have Norwegian Research I urge you to check the date and time of his classes.

Also you can take an intensive hands on -- one on one computer help -- class at the south area familh history training center, website is www.familyhistorytraining.org.

All of these are excellent resources available in our area. Thank you for your support and attendance Best of luck in your research.

Becky Roberts

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Anonymous said...

As a past-president of UGA and a Fellow of that organization, I am sad to see any chapter close. I, for one, would be more than happy to speak at chapter meetings if the group is revived. I think it would not be out of line to ask other Fellows of the organization to do the same. David E. Rencher rencherde@familysearch.org