Tuesday, December 06, 2011

MyHeritage Offer Extended

The following is from MyHeritage.

Important announcement to our users

Due to the extremely successful pick-up of the offer below, we have extended it until December 15, 2011. Don't miss out on this unique offer.

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The expanded team at MyHeritage.com

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We are pleased to inform you of exciting news in the genealogy industry. This week, we at MyHeritage.com have acquired WorldVitalRecords.com. This is a genealogy company based in Utah whose employees have joined MyHeritage.com to form our first office in the USA, and help us develop better services for our users. You can read the press release covering the news.

WorldVitalRecords.com was founded in 2006 and is a service totally complementary to MyHeritage.com: a huge repository of historical records, with billions of birth, marriage, death, burial, census, military, immigration, yearbooks and other types of records, plus scans of the original documents. It also offers the world's largest collection of historical newspapers. All of this is searchable. The data provides worldwide coverage with content relevant to many countries, but with a strong emphasis on USA, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada. This data can do wonders to improve your family tree research, and there is probably a wealth of information on your ancestors and relatives here waiting for you to discover. We will be expanding this collection of historical records by adding new content every month. We plan to grow it over time to become one of the largest international collections of historical documents available online.

Over the next few months, our teams will focus on combining the two websites. Both MyHeritage.com and WorldVitalRecords.com will get better. WorldVitalRecords.com will provide research and records for MyHeritage.com users, and MyHeritage.com will provide a home for the family tree and photos for the users of WorldVitalRecords.com.

To celebrate this acquisition, just ahead of the holidays, we are offering a generous and unprecedented discount on WorldVitalRecords.com for an introductory period until December 7 2011, (Now December 15, 2011) exclusively for our users at MyHeritage.com. Below is the discount offered:

45% discount <-- for you

This discount is on the current LOWEST price of WorldVitalRecords, for a one year subscription (which you can stop at any time). They are ONLY available through this email and special links on MyHeritage.com, and only for you, our users.

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This is a great time to give yourself a gift for the holidays that will reward you with many hours of research pleasure and exciting discoveries. We are providing a full 30-day refund guarantee on WorldvitalRecords.com, so you have nothing to lose! Don't miss this h-u-g-e discount and get your historical records subscription now before the offer expires.

This offer is only good until December 7, 2011. (Now December 15, 2011)

If you have any question about the offer or the acquisition, drop us a note at support@myheritage.com. If you are in the USA, you are also welcome to call us and ask a question at 1-888-377-0588.

The expanded team at MyHeritage.com Take the offer

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