Thursday, May 10, 2012

1940 US Census Project Update

The following is from the 1940 US Census Community Project.

Thank you for supporting the 1940 US Census Project. We wanted to send you a quick update on this project that is exceeding all expectations.

Project Status
The 1940 US Census Community Project was 25% after just a month and is now more than 30% complete. Here are a few additional statistics related to our progress:
  • Nearly 100,000 volunteers have participated in indexing and arbitrating the 1940 US Census.
  • More than 40 million records have been completed, representing approximately 30% of the overall effort.
  • Approximately 25,000 volunteers are participating each day.
  • The indexes to the records of six states are or will be published by May 9. These indexes include the following states: Delaware, Colorado, Oregon, Kansas, Virginia, and New Hampshire.
  • The following nine states are also complete or nearing completion and will be available online soon: Florida, Indiana, Vermont, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and Alaska.
  • Three additional states are more than 40% complete: Mississippi, Louisiana, and Washington.
Monitoring Progress
As previously announced, the indexes for the states that are complete will be found at, and to help people find their relatives from those three sites.
Additionally, a public dashboard is now available to monitor the progress of the indexing effort Progress can be seen for the entire project or by each individual state.

Ongoing Needs
Together we have made huge strides in completing the index for the 1940 US Census, but our work is not done. Nearly 100 million records still need to be transcribed to create a searchable index for this invaluable set of records.

Please help us keep the buzz and excitement alive by telling your friends about this project, either in person or online.

Thanks for your continued support of this monumental effort.
The 1940 US Census Project
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