Saturday, May 05, 2012

Streamed Video Sessions at SCGS Jamboree

The following is from the Southern California Genealogical Society.

On Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, Jamboree will offer free live-streamed sessions so family historians around the globe can benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our speakers.

After Jamboree, SCGS members will be able to view many Jamboree sessions through the digital archive on the SCGS website.   
Speakers will determine which of their sessions may be archived, which may be recorded for purchase, and which may be live streamed.

The original live streamed broadcast will be available to the public at no charge. At no charge to the viewer, that is. SCGS incurs significant cost in delivering these sessions, from paying the speakers, the camera and video crew, bandwidth, and other technology magic tricks.   

We are counting on viewer participation to offset the costs, either by purchasing a membership or through donations that are gratefully accepted through the SCGS website.    

The full schedule of streamed sessions will be announced in May.

Sign up here to be sure that you receive the final schedule of streamed sessions. You will be contacted again and instructed to sign up for the session(s) you wish you attend.  Each session will hold only 500 viewers, so don't miss your chance. 

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