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Free eBook Offer on Popular Genealogy Book

Here's a great chance to get a free ebook version of Barry J. Ewell's latest book!

Special Free eBook Offer:  Family Treasures—15 Lessons, Tips and Tricks for Discovering Your Family History

This is a limited time offer.   Barry J. Ewell will share with you a PDF of his book Family Treasures: 15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for Discovering Your Family History (437 pages).  The resource will help you increase your skills and speed at which you are able to improve you genealogy research success. 

If you or your friends would like a PDF copy of the book, do the following:
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    Subject Line: Free eBook

Book Overview

The following is an outline of the book and what you will find. The genealogy journey is not an easy one, but the treasures you'll discover on the way make the path well worth traveling —something Barry J. Ewell knows from personal experience.  In his travels he has found clues in everything from dusty relics to modern technology.  Now he is ready to share his experience and guide you through each step of your personal family history journey. Whether you're just beginning your family history journey or you're a seasoned genealogist, this book is the perfect road map to all the treasures still waiting for you in your personal family history.

Following is the book’s Table of Contents:
    Lesson 1: Genealogy Is a Repeatable Process
    Lesson 2: Start Organized, Stay Organized
    Lesson 3: Every Record Has Value
    Lesson 4: Where to Find Records
    Lesson 5: How to Search the Internet Like a Genealogist
    Lesson 6: Field Research Is Required
    Lesson 7: Cite and Verify Every Source
    Lesson 8: If Sherlock Holmes Were a Genealogist
    Lesson 9: Learn to Network
    Lesson 10: Stay Connected to the Network
    Lesson 11: Carefully Search Ancestor Writings
    Lesson 12: Search Every Page of Hometown Newspapers
    Lesson 13: Learn to Find the Origins of Immigrant Ancestor
    Lesson 14: The Oral Interview Is the Most Valued Research
    Lesson 15: Write and Publish Your Story
    Epilogue: Genealogy, Prayer, and Inspiration

Reviews of the book Family Treasures
The following reviews have been provided by genealogists who have read and used the book to enrich their research.  They reviews are very representative of the reivews.

Family Treasures is just that, a Genealogical Treasure
"From the beginning, this is a book that is designed to help the genealogy researcher accomplish more and in a more logical way. After starting two family tree projects about eighteen months ago, I adopted suggestions from a handful of newsletters along the way. What I found was a mixture of methodologies that didn't always work together well. My solution was to stop using the ineffective processes."

"The author, Barry Ewell, has the insights, ideas, and methods that seem to have evolved over years of genealogy researching. Most important for me is his way of keeping track of the work. "Where is it?" is a phrase that comes up too often in my conversations and thoughts. Maybe you can remember every research project you've taken on in the past year or more. I have too much going on to recollect what I've worked on, what the results were, and how it fits with my current work. Thank you, Barry Ewell, for making my genealogy work better, more efficiently, and faster."Dennis

Family Treasures 15 Lessons, Tips, and Tricks for Discovering your Family History
"This is an excellent book for the beginning genealogical Research. Full of great ideas, tips and resources to complete your research projects." Kathy

Learning My Lessons
"This is one of those books that I wish I had been able to read when I first began researching my family history.

Barry's suggestions about ways to keep the answers to those questions organized would have helped me to make better use of my research time. Using his approach to research, focusing on events rather than records, might have made my ancestor hunting a little more fruitful." Sherry

Great "How To" for Beginning Genealogist & Great Refresher Book
"I wish this book had been around six years ago when I first began my genealogy research. I was so lost and didn't know where to begin. I was fortunate enough to go to a Family History Fair where Mr. Ewell spoke. I was impressed by his knowledge and expertise in researching and how to organize your research plan BEFORE you go to a source."Lamb

For any and all genealogists!
"I would challenge any seasoned genealogist to read this and not find some new tip or a clearer explanation of something they already knew about.  I feel this book will make your research blossom anew for you, your uninterested-in-genealogy relatives, your clients or your students. I've been researching awhile and I took copious notes for myself in reviewing Family Treasures." Donna

Very helpful resource, especially for beginners
"I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in genealogy, but especially new genealogists. With his easy, clear narrative style, I enjoyed reading Ewell's book. With his well organized approach to family history research, Ewell walks us step by step through the process that helped him become an avid genealogist.." Monifa

Family Treasures: a treasure
"This is a very comprehensive book of genealogical resources and organization tips with a step by step approach ideal for the beginning genealogist. I was captivated by the introduction. Anyone who has done genealogy has experienced some of these same miracles." Susan

Family Treasures: 15 Lessons, Tips & Tricks for Discovering Your Family History
"Those serious about finding and accurately documenting their ancestors, their families, and fleshing out a picture of their lives together now have a volume designed to enable them to do that.  Family Treasures guides you in your research to find that elusive ancestor while continuing to be an "easy read"." Richard

Great Help, Great Read
" I just returned from spending two days at a genealogy expo - $75.00 dollars to attend. Add in a half tank of gas and two days of convention center food! And in two days, sitting at my desk in my bathrobe, I learned more from Barry Ewall's book, Family Treasure's, than at the expo." Mike

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