Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Heritage Collector Newsletter - Two New Webinars This Week

The following is from Heritage Collector.

Behind the Screens . . .
We are working on some exciting features for Heritage Collector Suite you will see in the very near future so keep watching these e-mail announcements! 
Two New Webinars This Week
TODAY - Tuesday 04/23/13 - Creating a Family Reunion Calendar 
At your family reunion this year wouldn't it be neat to present a beautiful family calendar with pictures and dates of family past and present?

With the Heritage Collector calendar module you can start at any month. You are not restricted to a typical January to January calendar.

Come learn how to make a calendar and how to add sound to create what we like to call a 'talking calendar'.
Thursday 04/25/13 - Jump Start Your Family History 
New Ways to dress up your family history photos to make it more interesting to others. Giving others a hand up who are just getting started. Getting help from family and others

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