Friday, June 27, 2014

Genealone - A Genealogy Website Builder

The following is from Genealone (Genealogy Website Builder).

I am pleased to announce that Genealone version 1.2 with many new features has been released.

Main new features:
- Mapping: Maps can be displayed in Person and Place sections.
- Custom web pages: You can write custom text pages like biographies
  and link them to persons or the front page.
- Merging persons: You can now find and merge duplicate persons.
- Merging and editing places: You can edit a place, let the program
  find its longitude and latitude for mapping or you can merge duplicate
- Main menu configuration tool: You can remove or add links to
  sections or custom web pages from or to main menu.

Customers who purchased Genealone Expert can download the updated version for free here:
Customers who purchased Genealone Pro or Genealone Basic (Genealone is hosted on our own server) don't have to do anything. Their installations have been updated automatically.

Kind regards,
David Nebesky

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