Friday, June 27, 2014

Gospel App and Game Contest 2014

The following is from LDSTech. I'm sure someone could make a game with a genealogy theme.

Create Something Worthy - with Games

We’ve all seen people locked into games on their mobile devices. Even the littlest children can find games that will entertain them, even fascinate them for hours. Have you ever wished that there were games that could uplift, even inspire? Where are the games that can connect people to the gospel?

Somewhere there is an app developer who can create something a little better, something a little more Christ-centered, something worthy. Maybe it’s you!
The Gospel Game & App Contest, sponsored by the Church’s IT department in conjunction with this fall’s LDSTech Conference, encourages developers to “create something worthy”.
Wouldn’t you love to see a marketplace filled with engaging, uplifting, creative games and apps? Enter the contest and have fun! Many starter ideas are on the Contest wiki page. Add more ideas. Get some development and creative people together to make your own app. See for more information.
Just think about the potential: you can help boys and girls build a Nephite city, help them recognize the apostles, or learn the scriptures! The possibilities are endless – maybe even eternal.

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