Friday, June 27, 2014

Heritage Collector Webinar - Create a Family History Geography

The following is from Heritage Collector.

Create a Family History Geography
 With Heritage Collector

Tuesday, July 1st.
7:00 PM MDT

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Have Fun Making Storybook Pages
Come and learn how to create a personalized map to show and tell your children and grandchildren about the geographic history of their heritage - anywhere in the world!

Family Reunion Idea At the next reunion give everyone a personalized map you have created. Take them on a guided tour. Children and adults will learn and love this activity.  We did this tour with our family last weekend. We had over 50 people (children and adults) go with us on the car tour. They all loved it!

Tuesday, July 1st.

7:00 PM MDT

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Marlo E. Schuldt
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