Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RootsTech Activities Start Early - Visiting the Family Discovery Center

It's RootsTech time and my experience has already begun. This morning I was able to see the brand new Family Discovery Center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It's not open to the public yet, that's coming later this week. RootsTech Attendees will get a taste of it in the Exhibit Hall. I was invited to attend a VIP Tour and brought my husband Bill and daughter Marie along.

As a family we had so much fun. We were laughing and giggling and ooohing and ahhhing the whole time. Since pictures are worth a thousand words I am going to share them with you. Even the videos we recorded and took home with us.

Adventures in recording a family story.

You never know what you will learn about family members when you sit down and talk for 10 minutes.

The tour was suppose to be for 50 minutes. Our family spent 2 hours because it was way too much fun. We were told that eventually there will be more full sized Family Discovery Centers, and even little kiosks at Family History Centers around the world. How fun is that!

When we arrived home after visiting the Family Discovery Center (and RootsTech Registration) we found pictures and stats that where generated during our time at the center awaiting us in our inbox. What a fun memento of our day.

From Family Discovery Center -20150210
Seated: Renee Zamora, Jill Ball, Standing: William Zamora, Amy Coffin, Jenny Joyce, 
Rosemary Morgan, Dick Eastman, Merrill White.

See ya tomorrow, for tomorrow is always another RootsTech Day!

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