Wednesday, February 11, 2015

RootsTech Live Streaming Schedule & Syllabus

Not everyone can make it to RootsTech. No worries you can watch the Thursday & Saturday Keynote Addresses and select classes live online during the week.  They will be streamed live throughout the day on the RootsTech homepage - .

After the conference the recordings will be available for a limited time.

Here's the schedule


08:30-10:00 - Thursday General Session
11:00-12:00 - 30 Pieces of Tech I Can't Live Without - D. Joshua Taylor
01:30-02:20 - You've Mastered the Census and Basic Search, What Next? - Karen Auman
03:00-04:00 - What's New at FamilySearch - Devin Ashby
04:30-05:30 - Getting Started in Genetic Genealogy - Diahan Southard


10:30-11:30 - Innovator Summit Challenge Event
01:00-02:00 - Building a Genealogy Research Toolbox - Thomas MacEntee
02:30-03:30 - Bring Your Ancestor Back to the Future - Anne Leishman
04:00-05:00 - The Write Stuff. Leaving a Recorded Legacy: Personal Histories, Journals, Diaries, and Letters - Valerie Elkins


08:30-10:00 - Saturday General Session
10:30-11:30 - Finding the Living among the Dead: Using the Internet to Find Your Living Cousins - Amy Archibald
01:00-02:00 - Finding History on the Go Using Phones and Tablet Apps - Crystal Beutler
02:30-03:30 - Personal History Triage: How to Tell the Best Ten Stories of Your Life - Alison Taylor
04:00-05:00 - Finding Your Family on - Peter Drinkwater

The Syllabus for all Classes is available at: 

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