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FamilySearch Indexing Newsletter

The following is from FamilySearch.

March 2015
FamilySearch Indexing Newsletter
More Important Now Than Ever Before

FamilySearch is always looking for innovative ways to make indexing much more efficient. Now there are more exciting developments that make better use of the records that have already been indexed. Want to learn how? Find out in this article.
What Determines the Pace of an Indexing Project
The Inside Story: What Determines the Pace of an Indexing Project? 
On any given day, there are as many as 150 different indexing projects to choose from. Why do volunteers choose to index a particular project?
Are You Ready for the Worldwide Arbitration Event
Are You Ready for the Worldwide Arbitration Event? 
It is time to mark your calendars for the worldwide arbitration event taking place on May 1-8, 2015. Get the details here!
Nothing Is Impossible
Nothing Is Impossible
Alexandra from Sierra Leone continued to index, hoping that she would find her own ancestors one day.
10 Ingredients for Finding Your Ancestors
10 Ingredients for Finding Your Ancestors 
Do you think your tree is full? Read this article to learn how even you can find your ancestors.
RootsTech Indexing Highlights
RootsTech Indexing Highlights

Did you miss RootsTech? Don't worry! We took notes for you!

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