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LDSTech Newsletter

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LDSTech Newsletter

Three Topics at the Next LDSTech Broadcast 

The next LDSTech Broadcast, scheduled for noon to 1:00pm MST on April 17th, 2015, will bring three exceptional presenters together to discuss three fascinating and timely topics. For more details, click the read more below.   

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Ministering with Leader and Clerk Resources 

You might be surprised to learn that priesthood and auxiliary leaders, clerks, and secretaries do not need to travel to the meetinghouse to perform administrative tasks in the Member Leadership Support (MLS) software on the clerk’s computer. Instead, they can use the Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) tool anywhere the Internet is available. This leaves more time for leaders to minister to members while having the information to do so close at hand.

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Streaming Church Media - Part 1

Many members stream LDS content to their mobile devices, laptops, and computers, but are at a loss when asked to use audio-visual equipment at Church or select add-on hardware to bring Church media to their HDTVs.  If you need help, this begins a two-part article on media streaming.  The first part will cover basic streaming options at home and in meetinghouses, and the second will focus on add-on products for Internet TV and how well they perform the LDS media.

Streaming Church Media - Part 2

The Church has a keen interest in making the content on its websites, broadcast channels, and mobile platforms widely available in as many languages as possible. If you have a smart TV with a built in web browser, you need only connect the TV to your network and browse Church media. If not, you are a good candidate for an add-on product. There are a number of such devices; some are better or worse for streaming LDS media.
This article explores the more popular Internet TVs and how well they deliver LDS content.
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FamilySearch Launches New App Gallery recently launched an online gallery of links to collect services and apps that enrich patron experiences with family history. Go to your PC, Mac, or handheld device, and in a few clicks connect to a variety of family history resources.

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Meet the Mormon Tabernacle Choir App

The new Mormon Tabernacle Choir App for iOS, and a pending release for Android, marks the culmination of a multi-year strategy to enhance the reach of the Choir internationally and with younger audiences. With a growing presence in social media and a vibrant website for the Choir, you might wonder what additional benefit you gain from a mobile app.

Really, a lot is packed into this portable new interface. Scott Barrick, General Manager for the Tabernacle Choir, shared this: “The Mormon Tabernacle Choir app will ensure the Choir’s music, latest news, blog, events, concerts, ticketing, and tour information are all in one place, readily available.”
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Finding Community Support on the Forum

Got a question? Need information? Found a solution? Discovered a workaround? If this describes your experience with LDS technology, the discussions at should be your go-to place to collaborate on any number of issues.

The forum at LDSTech is the only official Church-sponsored community discussion board for technology. Since 2006 more than 130,000 posts, on nearly 20,000 topics have been shared, with new entries added every day.
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Watch LDSTech Broadcasts 

DateStreamPresenter & Topic
2015 – JAN – 9Rob Boshard - Mormon Channel
2014—JUL –11Jesh Barlow – FamilySearch Mobile Apps
2014 – JUN – 06Mike Madsen – Youth Activity Pages on
2014 – MAY – 02Michael Colemere – Four Elements of Successful Communication Strategies
2014 – MAR – 14Mel Broberg – Church Directory of Organizations and Leaders (CDOL)
2014 – FEB – 07Jim Byer – Windows 8 Gospel Library
2014 – JAN – 10Hal Rushton – Gospel Content on the Feature Phone
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