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My Family History Calling

The following is from FamilySearch.


My Family History Calling Newsletter
February 2015

News you need to succeed-for priesthood leaders, consultants, and center directors.

Elder Quentin L. Cook: Our Father's Plan Is about Families
Elder Quentin L. Cook teaches the blessings that come to families as they discover their family history together.

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Elder L. Whitney Clayton, Elder Allan F. Packer, Elder Kent F. Richards, and Sister Neill F. Marriott: Find, Take, and Teach
The blessings to those who participate in family history are far reaching. The most important thing for leaders to do is to find your own names to take to the temple yourself and to teach others to do the same.
Craig Miller, Consultant Training: Using FamilySearch Partners
Get to know FamilySearch partners, and learn how they can help you discover and document your family story, with background from FamilySearch veteran and director of engineering and product management, Craig Miller.
Todd Jones, Consultant Training-Different People, Different Trees: Teaching to Individual Needs
Todd Jones shows how to identify the most common Family Tree situations and customize the help that you provide to each person. This presentation is a must for all family history consultants.
Mike Sandberg: Teaching Family History in Your Home, Class, or Quorums
Learn an effective new way you can put the find, take, and teach process to work on an individual level in your calling.
Serve a Family History Mission
Many visitors to the FamilySearch Missionary booth at RootsTech 2015 were surprised to learn about full- or part-time FamilySearch missions. The fact is that there are 10 kinds of service opportunities to choose from, stretching from around the world to an individual's own home or hometown. Have you been thinking about serving a family history mission?
RootsTech Lives On: How to Host a Local Family Discovery Day
Your stake is invited to join with hundreds of other stakes and districts in hosting a 2015 RootsTech family discovery day. This is a unique opportunity to engage those members of your stake that are not currently participating in family history with a fun and educational event.
How to Find a Family Discovery Day in Your Area
Attend family discovery day, and learn how to strengthen your family across generations. Hear encouraging messages from experts in the industry and other popular speakers that will help you to connect your family past and present.

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