Monday, August 24, 2015

Announcing the new Ancestry website - try it now

The following is from Ancestry. I do like the new Ancestry website, especially now that the FamilySearch tool is in it. I believe still only available to those with an LDS Account. I can share my Ancestry finds to FamilySearch and then in RootsMagic import them. 

Explore all the ways you can add more life to your family story.
Try the new Ancestry
Announcing the new Ancestry website - try it nowAnnouncing the new Ancestry website - try it now
New storytelling features. New modern look. It’s practically a new Ancestry.
It’s here. We’ve made some big changes to our site that can completely transform the way you discover and tell your family story.
From narrative timelines to fascinating historical insights to a fresh, streamlined design, you’ll love how the new site can help you weave together richer stories that bring you closer to knowing your ancestor as a person.
It’s your family story, reinvented.
And with one click, you can experience it right now. Learn more
Try the new Ancestry
All the research and information you have now will be on the new Ancestry.

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