Monday, August 24, 2015

Clooz News for Roots Magic Users

The following is from Clooz. I haven't tried this yet to see how it works with RootsMagic.

Ancestral Systems Releases
Clooz 3.4
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We have an exciting new capability to export GEDCOM files to
Roots Magic!
We have very exciting news for RootsMagic users! We have implemented a new user interface allowing Clooz users to move data to their RM file after it has been processed in Clooz.

This expanded interface is very similar to our highly successful interface with Legacy Family Tree, transferring the details of a Clooz document or census to an external family tree program. Clooz directly reads information from the RootsMagic database (set as Primary on the External File Links list). However, Clooz is not authorized to write directly to the same database. Therefore, a GEDCOM file is produced by Clooz for the user to import into RootsMagic. Image links are also exported. Clooz is able to maintain synchronization of the record identifiers with the RM file.

The Clooz data export function allows designation of new family structures of all generations reflected in a census image and properly adds that structure to the existing RM file. This data export interface is a capability that our Roots Magic users have been hoping for since Clooz 3.3 was introduced. Kudos to our software development team.

Assuming you take advantage of the automatic updating capabilities in Clooz, you will see a notification of the available update to version 3.4 the next time you start Clooz.  This version includes an updated Help File (identical to the User Guide) to assist our users in learning how to best use this new capability. A very detailed extract of the revised instructions found in the Clooz User Guide can be downloaded at:

We strongly suggest that our users download this extract for study and review prior to using the new data interface with your formal RM file.

Clooz 3.4 will update your Clooz data file(s) to the new format the first time it is opened. Although we have not had any file upgrade errors during testing, it is always wise to first make a backup copy of your file(s) before opening in Clooz 3.4. Clooz 3.4 is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Some other important new features include:

1) Census summaries exported in Individual remarks have been enhanced with
additional information from the census, and in early U.S. census years, birth year ranges.

2) Added the Year field for Microform/CD tab on all sources having that tab.

3) Cause of death is now exported in notes/remarks.

4) Lists, such as the Cities List, now show the Personal File # in the usage list for all items (whether document or document detail).

5) Added the option to skip the Log View popup after successful imports/exports.

Please remember that in order to receive this new update your license status must be current, having been started or renewed within the last 12 months. If you have not yet renewed your Clooz Updates and Support account, just click on the following link:

This update continues our policy of providing our users a superior product for supporting their genealogical research and development efforts.

Regards to all, Joe
Joe and Rich
Thank you!
Joe and Rich
The Ancestral Systems Team
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