Saturday, September 19, 2015

Ancestry Free Probate & Wills Research Guide

The following is from Ancestry.

 Where there's a will, now there's a way: U.S. Wills & Probate – only on Ancestry
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September 2015 Update
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U.S. Wills and Probate Collection is hereU.S. Wills and Probate Collection is here
Ready? Set? Probates!
Why should you be excited about the new and exclusive U.S. Wills and Probate Collection you’ll find on Ancestry? Here are a few reasons:

It’s the largest online collection of U.S. will and probate records, with records from all 50 states. The earliest records go back to 1668. Probate records often predate civil birth, marriage, and death records. Probate records often document family relationships over multiple generations. Wills can also give insights into your ancestor’s lifestyle and personality: J.P. Morgan left large bequests to his librarians; Louisa May Alcott asked that her papers be burned.

Ready to get started? Download our free Probate and Wills research guide, check out our series of blog posts on working with probate records, or explore the collection.
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