Saturday, September 19, 2015

StoryKeep - Forget-Me-Not Stories

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StoryKeep, what we do

Forget-Me-Not Stories

Stan Siegel got out of the military about 60 years ago, but he still remembers his army serial number. As a boy, he loved nature and explored what wildlife still existed inside New York City. He was a pioneering medical illustrator, drawing bones, ligaments and muscles. Stan's greatest love? His wife Adele. 

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This 1-minute video gives you an idea for our process.

Imagine what you could capture of your parents' stories. Imagine what it could mean for your family.
StoryKeep, what we do
"I'm Stanley H. Siegel. Army serial number 32815279."
StoryKeep specializes in conducting intimate interviews. We record and gather family stories to create personalized videos, books, and oral histories. We can convert your analog media to make meaningful projects from your slides, silent films, and memorabilia. There’s no company in America that does what we do so well.
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