Saturday, September 19, 2015

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Richard Branson—founder of Virgin Group and one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time—is a proud family man and grandfather of three. To mark his 65th birthday, he decided to take on 65 challenges throughout the coming year and encouraged his followers to submit their suggestions using the hashtag #challengerichard. One of his followers challenged him to write a heartfelt letter to his wife, children and grandchildren, and he eagerly accepted by writing a letter to his three grand kids.
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Branson's legacy is already being felt by millions. As a well-known influential figure, much of his life is made public through the Internet and social media. But even celebrities value privacy. What if there was a way for families like his to preserve their most precious memories—their most intimate stories, photos, letters, documents and videos—securely and privately in a digital, museum-quality archive that current and future family members could access?
Out of that question, FamilyArc was born, and we want to help families like yours take the first step toward capturing and preserving your own family legacy. So, inspired by #challengerichard, we've created a challenge of our own.
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