Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ancestral Quest beta Test

Here is another opportunity to get in on the beta testing of a NFS API. I am forwarding to you a conversation Don Snow and Gaylon Findlay had on the need for volunteers.


We are looking for testers for some new features in Ancestral Quest. Let me provide a little background to help you understand the nature of these enhancements.

As many of you know by now, the LDS Church has been developing a new web-based system to, as they have stated, replace their TempleReady program.

Ancestral Quest is being updated now to interface with this new FamilySearch system. This feature is totally optional -- for someone who does not want to share data with FamilySearch, this feature can be blocked. For those who elect to do so, it will allow you to upload your .aq data to FamilySearch, and to update your .aq data from FamilySearch.

We are looking for beta testers to test the new features of Ancestral Quest which provide the interface between the .aq database and the new FamilySearch system. While this could change, the Church has currently set a time period of October 22 - November 14 to do the testing. Because the new FamilySearch system is only available at this time to members of the LDS Church, only members will be able to participate in this test.

If you would like to test these new features of AQ, and you have time to test during the test period mentioned above, and you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, please send an e-mail to to confirm your interest.

Thank you,

Gaylon Findlay
Incline Software



As we understand it, the Church is setting up a special beta test situation, wherein any member of the Church, regardless of which temple district they are in, will be able to help with the testing. We are specifically testing the NFS stuff. Outside of this special testing environment, only members who live in temple districts that are online will be able to actually use the new features of the product in a "live" environment.

I am not sure whether we have enough applicants yet, so it wouldn't hurt to mention this to the UVPAFUG folks.



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